LilRacerz: A FREE Alternative to the Famous Reckless Racing

I know that all you gamers out there want to play Reckless Racing. But for $3?! Come on, you could buy 3 Angry Birds for that price. That is why I have found you a FREE alternative for similar gameplay.

This alternative is currently free and goes by the name LilRacerz Pro Rally. This game, also has 3D-ish cars, nice graphics, and lots of drifting. The only drawback is the graphics. But it makes that up with 34 tracks compared to RR’s 10, 10 cars against RR’s 6, and the ability to use Nitro. Some might even say that LilRacerz is even BETTER than Reckless Racing. But even if you disagree, you should probably still get LilRacerz because it’s free.

Here is a quick list of pluses for each app:

So head on to the App Store and go grab that heck of a deal. And quickly, mind you.

LilRacerz Rally Pro: Click Me

Reckless Racing: Click Me

[Pocket Gecko Original]

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